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Get The Source

If you're interested in contributing to MoarVM, you'll likely want to work against the bleeding edge. Find it on GitHub.


Join the #moarvm channel on There, you'll often find various folks willing to help you on your way.

What do you want to work on?

What do you enjoy working on? With most of the MoarVM team also being Raku Programming Language developers, we very much follow the -Ofun approach. For some of us, that's stress-testing various aspects of the VM (such as the GC), and reporting - or fixing - what comes up. For some, it's working on missing features. For some, it's profiling for hot spots and seeing what optimizations might apply. For some, it's doing the work to get MoarVM up and running on a platform it doesn't yet support. Find the itch you care to scratch, and join in!

Contributor Guidelines

So far, the community around MoarVM has been polite, professional, and light-hearted. A little patience, tolerance and forgiveness go a long way. Please help keep things pleasant.

As for the practicalities:

  • Start out by sending pull requests or supplying patches. Commit bits are handed out to those who produce consistently good work.
  • Please try to keep Git commits atomic, each doing an easily described (and thus easily reviewable) thing
  • While forgiveness > permission typically applies, do communicate with others if unsure if a certain direction is the right way to go
  • Technical debate is encouraged, but re-hashing existing design decisions over and over is not. MoarVM has a single architect, who has the final call. However, consensus is much preferred (and is almost always achieved so far :-).